Moving to Glasgow: What’s Next?

So, you have a decision to move to Glasgow. But, you are probably wondering what happens next. After all, any big move needs to be considered carefully. You cannot assume that everything in another town or country is the same as where you currently reside. If you are keen to move to Scotland, Glasgow is the perfect city to reside within. The city is undergoing a vast and rapid redevelopment programme. It’s a real up and comer. It’s time to get on the property market and see your money work for you in a real way.

Let’s find out more.

5072008623_8e7d0e983e_zGlasgow, Scotland

Moving to Glasgow: House Prices

Glasgow is a thriving cosmopolitan city. The redevelopment of the area has allowed it to shake off its less than negative stereotypes. Glasgow is a real up and coming area. But, aside from that the house prices are still cheaper than the rest of the UK. Rent in the region is between £300 to £500 PCM, which is very cheap for a UK city. Compare that to London prices to see a real difference in affordable city living.  Of course, some like the idea of owning their property. A three bedroom semi detached house in the city will set you back the less-than-princely sum of £125,000. Little wonder people want to move to the city. What is more, home report services available in Glasgow are abundant. So, you don’t have to worry about being caught short when buying a property in the region.


For the tech or financially savvy, Glasgow is a thriving hub of commerce. Technology and finance are booming sectors within the city. It has an impressive reputation in the world of business. Glasgow is home to some seriously big names in the world of business. It has a thriving healthcare industry. It has a lot of media and communications jobs. But, it also has a thriving and prosperous IT scene. If you are keen to get behind a desk, then you are in the right place with a move to Glasgow.

School and Education Matters

There are four universities within the confines of the city. These world renowned universities are a great place to grow and expand on your knowledge. What is more, the University of Glasgow has been awarded yet another Times Education Award. So, you know you’re in good company.

Living Costs

The cost of living in Glasgow is surprisingly cheap. For those that want the thrill of big city life, but at a reasonable rate, Glasgow is the place to be. Public transport is in abundance. You are not confined to Glasgow either. Edinburgh and Stirling are short train journeys away. With this in mind, you can work in the Scottish capital with ease too. The West Coast Main Line is the best way to get around the city. What’s more, the costs of this are inexpensive. Buses are in abundance too with an impressive network and links around the city and beyond.  Dining out is cheaper than the rest of the UK. On average, you will see up to £5 savings on drinking and dining in Glasgow.

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